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God My ATM

As I chatted with my brother today about the Lord and our relationship with Him, we discussed how when in a crunch, need or desperation, many people cry out to the Lord. However, when things turn around they turn away. Yoda would say it this way “This does not a relationship make.”

This kind of thinking reminds me of an ATM. We put our money in the bank and make withdrawals when we have a need. My girls always say, “mom if you are out of money just go to the ATM.” Of course we all know if you don’t have the extra funds you can’t make the withdrawal. Often times we may pick up another job, sell things on the side and so on to put more finances in the bank. However, at the end of the day if your funds have run out you can’t withdrawal from the ATM.

So many look at God this way. We see so many who need healed, finances or a miracle and they call everyone they know to pray and they call out to God. Think about this, if you have to have these series of circumstances to call out to God, perhaps you have to stay in that state because He wants relationship with you. Interesting, huh? God isn’t there to only meet your immediate need, that isn’t relationship. How would a marriage or friendship work if that were how you looked at it? There would be zero sustainability or growth in the relationship. The ATM view of God isn’t His desire towards us as all. He desires relationship, not to make withdrawals from Him when we have a need.

Of course Jesus will meet all our needs but just as Jesus paid a price so do we. We are to surrender our lives to Him and let Him transform us. This will require us to seek Him, serve Him, surrender to His will and give Him our hearts 100%. Wouldn’t you like a full relationship with a friend or spouse? God desires that kind of relationship from us, not just pop in and make a withdrawal, when we are in a pickle.

Today, I just want to encourage you to spend some time to thank Him for all He has done in your life and just think on His goodness. Pick up your Bible and read some of His promises or even better the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. Open your heart and make a daily withdrawal from Heaven and a deposit in your Spirit.

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