The Lost Earring

I lost one of my favorite earrings today and went on a relentless search. I knew the earring was somewhere close but I could not see it nor find it anywhere. I felt a bit sad over having lost something that had been with me for some time and I wear several times a week. After all, it is the perfect simple earring to wear with anything. You know, one of the most important, earth shattering things in life; not so much.
While in a hurry I made the decision to look for it at a later time and get ready for church. I just knew this earring was gone and I would not find it. As I went about my business and continued to get ready, I looked down and saw something shiny in the floor. I couldn’t believe it, there lay my earring.  I was so excited after finding my earring, and made sure to place it where I would not lose it again. You know, where it should have been in the first place, in the earring holder.
Throughout the day I thought about this and how Jesus is with His sheep. The Bible says that He will leave the 99 to go and find the 1. That means like my earring, He will pursue finding the one lost because that one is so valuable to Him. Jesus is relentless in His pursuit of us, and will be in search of the 1 until the 1 is united with the 99.
Like my deciding to go about my business and not give any more thought to the earring, because it wasn’t important at the moment. We seem to allow our relationship with Jesus to end up in the same state. We begin to go on with our lives and let THE most valuable thing (Jesus) in our life take a step to the side until we are in need. I really didn’t need the earrings at the moment, but when in a crunch or in my hurry mode, they are my go to earring. What was lost I really needed to be found.
Jesus is always patient and continues to look for the one that is lost. Even if the sheep that is lost, has left to go off on their own, Jesus will be relentless in His pursuit to place you where you first belonged, in a safe place where you will never be lost again.
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